Body Acceptance Project

The Body Acceptance Project is a clothing line for all genders AND body sizes. This project was started to advocate for eating disorder awareness, prevention, and education. $1 from each of your purchases is donated to a local eating disorder program.

A unique aspect of this company is that you will never pay more for the sizing of your clothes. We believe that you should never have to pay more for needing a larger size. Enjoy our clothing that ranges from sizes XS-5XL.

About the Project

Owner, Gia Dougherty, started this project almost 6 years ago to advocate for eating disorder education and prevention. She spent 4 years in the Miss America Organization utilizing her crown to amplify her voice and developed a platform to advocate for eating disorders.


All Bodies Are Good Bodies 

The logo of this company is “All Bodies Are Good Bodies”. You’ll find a lot of clothing in our shop have this saying, with the goal of spreading this message across the country.


Owner, Gia Dougherty, added women empowerment clothing, specifically in the sports medicine arena, in 2023. Just like advocating for body acceptance, she also wants to advocate for women in male dominated fields, to show how incredible women truly are.

Creativity & Trendy

Loving the creative outlet of The Body Acceptance Project, owner Gia Dougherty added trendy glass wear, stationary items, clothing and more in 2023.

F Diet Culture Podcast

Join Gia on Spotify to hear about eating disorder recovery, learning body acceptance, and navigating how to say F U to Diet Culture. Episodes range from solo rants or interviews with guests that span from experts in the area to friends and family that were a part of Gia’s journey recovering from an eating disorder. 

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